Hi Jerry,

I’m enjoying your music. I find the harmonies in several of the pieces to be very interesting, and “exotic.” (for example, those subtle dissonances in “Waves at Sunset” that I mentioned at Piano World, but also all of the modulations and often somewhat dissonant harmonies throughout this piece and others.)

Sam Zerin
(pianojerome at Piano World)

Three More from Sam Zerin: (updated: 2/7/15)

February 4, 2009

[…] I was actually just thinking about you last night, because I thought I might play one of your pieces in a class next week. The class is called “Performance Outreach” and involves learning how to speak about music when we perform at nursing homes, elementary schools, etc. I don’t know if you remember that I used to play your piece “As My Baby Sleeps” over the phone for my grandmother when she was sick with Alzheimer’s for several years (and recorded it for her); in fact, it was probably the last piece she heard before she passed away. So I thought I’d tell the story of how we “met” and how I used to play it for my grandmother as a way of introduction.


August 14, 2009

[…] In other news, my mom was just telling me the other day, after I played your piece “As My Baby Sleeps”, that it’s her favorite piece of music. By her request, I played it at a friend’s wedding last weekend, as the guests were coming in. I thought you’d like to know that it has really enriched our lives, this small piece of yours – thanks. Perhaps I should record it for you again. I play it much differently now than I did four years ago.


July 6, 2012

[…] The reason I asked you for your music that other week is because we were going to visit my wife’s grandmother in a nursing home, and we knew there would be a piano. She loved the whole collection so much that she made me play it all twice. Another resident also came in when she heard the music and was disappointed when it stopped!

Hi Jerry,

I downloaded your free music pack 3 or 4 weeks ago, and life got busy and I promptly forgot about it. Last night I stumbled on the email while cleaning up my inbox, and printed out the music. Looking for a nice supplemental piece to work on when I need a break from the heavy-duty stuff (Mozart sonata in C, K 545 at the moment), I read through all the pieces, and chose “A Musical Moment” in G major as my first Jerry Greene song. I think it’s a terrific piece, the melody grabbed me right away, and there are several very “tasty” moments in the score. In your music I particularly like your minor-second chords at just the right place, and the nice use of time signature changes. It’s good to work on a piece like this, where I don’t have to spend weeks sorting out the notes and technical stuff, and where I can focus on the expressiveness of my playing. I’m going to enjoy this one; thanks for making these pieces available for free.

– Dan (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Thanks Jerry,

I have a student who does not have internet access and I had asked for your permission to share with her. You were so generous to let me copy your music for her.

Last week she finished perfecting ‘Waves at Sunset’ It took her weeks to learn it but she was determined. I suggested lending her a book I had by another artist for something new to play. She said, “No, I only like Jerry’s songs. Can’t I have another one?” I walked over to
the computer and printed out another copy of your new one for this month, ‘My Sweetheart’s Lullaby’. She is 21yrs old and started lessons 2 years ago. She thinks you are the greatest. Your number one fan for sure. :0)

Thanks again, it is inspiring to see her so excited about your music.



The new additions you are adding to your website are awesome.  I really look forward to your selections each month.  If you plan to put together a book for purchase I would like to have one.  May you have much success with your new website design.


-Hi Jerry,

I must have been one of the people that had problems with receiving e-mails on Tuesday. I would love to get your new piece if you wouldn’t mind. I am looking forward to playing and hearing it. You make me love playing the piano so much because your songs are so suited for me because they are so pretty and make me feel like a princess when I sit down at the piano to play them.

Thanks so very much, Jillian.

-Hi Jerry,

I just love your music. It is so beautiful! I was playing it in between rehearsing the other day and the other band members all responded and wanted to know what it was (Waves at Sunset) because it was so pretty (also, As My Baby Sleeps). I’m thrilled to be on your list! I am really enjoying your listening page right now. Thanks again.

I’ll keep your music playing in Nassau County whenever I get the chance!

Take care!


-You have been sending a whole lot of very nice pieces that even my students awaits the upcoming sheet music. Most of my students describe your work as “A very nice challenge for them to play, and VERY DELIGHTFUL TO LISTEN TO.” For me, “Your work is BRILLIANT, it’s Music, that people who loves to play piano will surely enjoy.” Hope the Lord will always bless you with all the generosity you’re extending to me and my students. Sorry they couldn’t sign-up to your website, because most of them doesn’t have internet.

Thanks again,


– Hi, my name is paul. I am a member of the yahoo sheet music group and have heard your music. I think it is really good and i especially like “waves at sunset” because it is easy to play. I am only sixteen and finding music for my level of playing is very hard. Your songs are easy to play and enjoyable.


– Hi Jerry,

I will definately tell all my friends about your music because I think it is absolutley amazing!!! I got an email sent to me through yahoo groups telling us about your site. They said you had a new piece of music so i went onto your site and listened to the demo. I fell in love with it!!! I looked at all the pieces you sent and they look amazing!!!!

Good luck for future pieces!!!


– Jerry, I’ve downloaded your music and I have to tell you I’m hooked! Where do you get your inspiration? Your music evokes all sorts of feelings. Well done and thanks for making your wonderful music available to all who are interested. I shall pass the site on to my friends.


– …The first time I tried to contact Jerry, I just replied to the message he had sent with my free music. That doesn’t work BTW, so I contacted him through the webpage.

As I say, the replies were very quick and helpful.

Last night I gave my son the music for “As My Baby Sleeps”. Well actually, I just left it on the piano hoping that he would find it 🙂 He did and he kept going back to it then coming in and telling me what a ‘really nice’ piece of music he had found.

Today he had 3 friends over, all from his class at school (all play the piano well). As I passed through the music room I noticed each child playing it. Then I heard two of them playing it together on the 2 pianos in there. A lovely moment.

After lunch, my son played the piece to me by heart. It’s beautiful.

Now I can hear him play Among the Stars. Ahhhh.

Thanks, Jerry


– My first impression was first how beautiful and then, I thought–well written. . . This guy must have some serious background in composition.

I look forward to you next selections.

M. Milano

– Plain and simple…
It’s a very nice piece.
(As My Baby Sleeps)

God Bless You and More Power

– Thank you for posting your website and your willingness to share music with us. I thoroughly enjoyed My Baby Sleeps. I have a grandbaby who is almost five months old, and I thought of her as I was listening, and have it playing as I am writing you. It is very sweet and soothing, and I love that you only used the piano. I recently made a CD of lullabies for my grandbaby with six original songs and eight traditional ones. It was a wonderful and loving thing that my daughter asked me to do, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

L. Williams