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My friend, Roger Raymie, has recently fallen extremely ill and has been left with encephalitis, a swelling of the brain, causing him to lose his ability to lead a normal life.

I have known Roger for the past 6+ years.
He initially hired me to tune the pianos at Crossroads church, where he was the music director and has since taken me with him as he moved to serve as music director of Fairbanks UMC.  

Roger is an extraordinarily talented musician. Unfortunately, due to his illness, he has lost all of his ability to walk, think clearly and have controlled movements, never mind being able to play piano and lead the music program. 

Roger has been hospital-bound for well over a month now. They are in the process of moving him to a nursing facility where he will remain.

To make matters worse, Roger’s wife passed away only a couple of years ago and this situation has left Roger’s children to make it on their own. From what I understand, they are old enough to take care of themselves, but without Roger’s income, things have become somewhat difficult.

Fairbanks UMC has been trying to collect gift cards for food and other expenses that are being incurred due to Roger’s illness.  

After learning of this last week, I offered to put on a concert at the church, where they can use the funds raised through ticket sales to help Roger and his family.

100% of proceeds will be given to the Raymie family.

If you are in the Houston area and are interested in attending, please let me know. I will post ticket prices and other information within the next few days. Thank you!

Roger Raymie

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Tuning at the AT&T Center on 3/15/15
On March 20th, 2015, I had the honor of tuning for Stevie Wonder at the Toyota Center!

I’m very proud to include him in my growing list of well-known artists that I’ve had the pleasure to work with!

If you live in the Houston metro area and are interested in having me tune your piano for you, please visit: http://HoustonPianoTuning.Com



I am very proud to say that I have steadily been working on some pieces of music that I have been playing for years, but never had the music fully written-out before!

Three pieces are being finalized this week ->
Winter Lullaby – written in February 1998 for my friend, Carolyne Ruffilo Capizzano​
Musical Moment #3 (Bittersweet Memories) – written in October 1998
Musical Moment #4 – written in October 1998

These three pieces will soon be on sale in my new e-store (also being built on the new JAGMMP.COM website) and will be sold along-side new editions of everything I have released in the past.

There will also mp3 recordings for sale and YouTube introductions/performances of each piece! Let’s just say A LOT IS HAPPENING!!!

I have decided to discontinue the free sheet music collection that I have had available since 1995.  Instead, I will be using “As My Baby Sleeps” as the free introductory piece of music that will be available to all subscribers of my new mailing list. It will also become my “business card” that I print and give to piano tuning clients and anyone that I meet who may be interested in playing my music.

On December 19th, 2014, I directed a senior chorus that I formed over at University Place in Houston, TX.
Click Here to Watch the Concert

I recently wrote a new barbershop tag called “I Love That Sound!”.

Thank you to the following barbershoppera for performing this for me:

Zach MacLaren (Tenor)
Drew Prince (Lead)
Robby Black (Baritone)
Jeff Reifsnyder (Bass)

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